At Springfield Woodworking, we can install a stone countertop in your Winnipeg home, and the engineered, honeycomb core of our quartz counters makes this product very lightweight and durable. This product is easily transported and carried onto job sites with less effort than regular quartz counters. The cost of the material and installation time is significantly less than regular quartz, with the same performance to the customer. All these benefits make this product an excellent value.

Proven track record

Honeycomb Quartz has been manufactured and sold in Europe and Asia for more than 10 years. The product has been well tested in the international marketplace and is now available in Canada. The engineering and science of combining long-lifespan materials to create composite consumer products provide our customers with all the benefits of a hard, durable counter surface, but with an economical, lightweight core. Under-mount sinks have a unique, smooth transition with these countertops.

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Kitchen Measuring Gide

Measure along all walls corner to corner

Measure from corner to outside edge of the door casing. Measure door from outside trim to outside trim (if there is trim on the door)

Measure from corner to outside edge of window trim. Measure window outside of trim to outside of trim

Measure window from floor to outside of window trim. Measure the height of window from outside of trim to outside trim

Measure from the corner to the center of your sink

If you are keeping your appliances measure the width, height and depth of all of your appliances (fridge, stove dishwasher, microwave). Measure from the corner to the edge of each appliance to note its location on the wall. If purchasing new appliance bring the new specifications with you measurements

Measure from the corner to any outlets, switches or vents that may interfere with the cabinet design

Measure from the floor to the ceiling. If there are bulkheads measure from the floor to the bottom of the bulkhead, also the height and width of the bulkhead

Kitchen Countertops

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